Call of Duty: How to Acquire a Pumpkin Head

The Verdansk location and Halloween event are the newly added content of both Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare. Because of the Halloween event, developers have offered the feature of wearing Pumpkin Head during the match. Indeed, cosmetics are usually equipped before the match, but developers have made some changes to the Halloween event. It’s a great featureContinue reading “Call of Duty: How to Acquire a Pumpkin Head”

How to Become a Shadow in Fortnite

 The fans of Fortnite have got some new content in the game, which is related to the Halloween event. In the game, the spawn rate of villains and hero presence on the radar has increased. From the reports, it has been confirmed that new pumpkin spice will come up along with the Halloween themed-event. EpicContinue reading “How to Become a Shadow in Fortnite”

Days Gone: How to Take Down Hordes

 Days Gone is packed with plenty of challenges, and the most challenging thing comes when the giant hordes chase players to get their meal. In the game, players have to survive the zombie attacks with strategy, skills, and essential items. Taking down a couple of zombies is not a tough task, but there are situations whenContinue reading “Days Gone: How to Take Down Hordes”

Fortnite: How to Eat Candy

Season 4 Week 9 of Fortnite has brought some interesting Halloween challenges. The re-launched Shadow forms, Shadow Midas, and Halloween candies are the most significant update of this week. In the game, candies are scattered throughout the map, and players who usually don’t take an interest in weekly challenges, are now excited to find theseContinue reading “Fortnite: How to Eat Candy”

A Guide to Use Split View on iPad

The iPad is an advanced gadget, and there is everything on this device that can get things done effortlessly for you. Split View on iPad is one such feature that allows you to divide the screen of your iPad into two different parts and use two apps simultaneously. Split View saves a lot of effortContinue reading “A Guide to Use Split View on iPad”

Best Linux Laptops You Can Buy

Linux is one of the most powerful as well as secure operating systems. To hack a Linux computer is nearly an impossible task. It is also one of the most customizable operating systems and allows each and every user to meet their requirements. It is considered to be the most flexible operating system. If youContinue reading “Best Linux Laptops You Can Buy”

Best Platforms for Streaming Spanish TV Content

Over the years, many video-on-demand streaming platforms have successfully made their way to everyone’s houses. All of them offer excellent value services against the subscription. One can choose the language according to their preferences and only pay for the channels they prefer to watch. If you are a Spanish content lover, you cannot deny thatContinue reading “Best Platforms for Streaming Spanish TV Content”

Best Scanners Available In 2020

A scanner is a device connected to a computer to scan the documents or capture their images. The scanned documents can be saved on a computer in a PDF format. A scanner is considered as a modern-time photocopier or a fax machine. The only difference is that a scanner creates a digital copy of yourContinue reading “Best Scanners Available In 2020”

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

One of the best benefits of having a Bluetooth Speaker is that it does not require a wired connection. It allows you to experience great sound quality without any hassle. Bluetooth speakers are portable, easy to carry and look very stylish as well. A Bluetooth speaker can be used in various different ways like youContinue reading “Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers”

Bullet Hell Games for Android

 Bullet hell games are a pretty unique gaming subgenre. In these games, you dodge bullets flying at you and simultaneously shoot bad guys as well. Playing these games is fun. Here are some awesome bullet hell games that you can play on your Android device. AirAttack 2 AirAttack 2 is quite a decent bullet hellContinue reading “Bullet Hell Games for Android”

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