A Guide to Use Split View on iPad

The iPad is an advanced gadget, and there is everything on this device that can get things done effortlessly for you. Split View on iPad is one such feature that allows you to divide the screen of your iPad into two different parts and use two apps simultaneously. Split View saves a lot of effortContinue reading “A Guide to Use Split View on iPad”

Best Linux Laptops You Can Buy

Linux is one of the most powerful as well as secure operating systems. To hack a Linux computer is nearly an impossible task. It is also one of the most customizable operating systems and allows each and every user to meet their requirements. It is considered to be the most flexible operating system. If youContinue reading “Best Linux Laptops You Can Buy”

Best Platforms for Streaming Spanish TV Content

Over the years, many video-on-demand streaming platforms have successfully made their way to everyone’s houses. All of them offer excellent value services against the subscription. One can choose the language according to their preferences and only pay for the channels they prefer to watch. If you are a Spanish content lover, you cannot deny thatContinue reading “Best Platforms for Streaming Spanish TV Content”

Bullet Hell Games for Android

 Bullet hell games are a pretty unique gaming subgenre. In these games, you dodge bullets flying at you and simultaneously shoot bad guys as well. Playing these games is fun. Here are some awesome bullet hell games that you can play on your Android device. AirAttack 2 AirAttack 2 is quite a decent bullet hellContinue reading “Bullet Hell Games for Android”

A Guide to Change the Username on Twitter

Like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is also one of the most popular and commonly used social networking platforms among millions of users worldwide. One needs to create an account to access the site on any of their devices. To create an account, you need to enter your information like a username or password. Creating anContinue reading “A Guide to Change the Username on Twitter”

5 Cheaper iPhone 12 Alternatives

Apple has recently unveiled the new iPhone 12 during their virtual event. The new iPhone 12 comes with lots of great features and specs that can easily attract anyone towards it. But the fact is that not everyone is willing to spend $700 on a new smartphone. However, many great smartphones in the market areContinue reading “5 Cheaper iPhone 12 Alternatives”

Best Apple Laptops You Can Buy

Apple doesn’t offer too many laptops, but still, it is not easy to pick one. Apple provides only two kinds of laptops, the lighter MacBook Air and the second one is the heavy-duty MacBook Pro. So, if you are thinking of switching from Windows or just want to upgrade your system, here are some recommendationsContinue reading “Best Apple Laptops You Can Buy”

Lenovo’s Smart Clock Essential has Echo Dot-like Features

 A vast number of announcements have been made for smart-home owners within a couple of weeks. No doubt, the few weeks have been full of announcements. In the previous month, Amazon had revealed its range of new speakers and displays equipped with a smart assistant. After that, in early October, Google unveiled its all-new NestContinue reading “Lenovo’s Smart Clock Essential has Echo Dot-like Features”

iPhone 12 Camera Features & Upgrades: LiDAR, Dolby Vision, And More Explained

Apple has launched its new iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max with a more improved and enhanced set of features. Due to the increasing attention on photography in the last few years, Apple has mainly focused on the iPhone 12 lineup camera and its powerful A14 Bionic processorContinue reading “iPhone 12 Camera Features & Upgrades: LiDAR, Dolby Vision, And More Explained”

How to Use an Alternative Hot Phrase Instead of OK Google

The time in which we are living is full of artificial-intelligence-based technology. It has provided us several awe-inspiring innovations, including voice assistants. Amazon provides Alexa, Apple provides Siri, Microsoft provides Cortana, and Google provides Google Assistant. Have you ever noticed that most voice assistants have a human name, but we see a robotic name- “GoogleContinue reading “How to Use an Alternative Hot Phrase Instead of OK Google”

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